The 12 stages of power outages

1. Acceptance. We’ll lose power. Of course! It’s a hurricane! Duh!  Continue reading “The 12 stages of power outages”


Dad’s dangerous baseball wish

I’ve been thinking about parent overreach after I stumbled across a not-all-that-recent essay in The Times warning parents against the rabid pursuit of “passion” for their kids, that laser focus and fierce discipline that some parents think is needed to produce tennis prodigies and Ivy League admissions and recital hall social-media brags. Continue reading “Dad’s dangerous baseball wish”

‘I knew that I had shattered the harmony of the day’: Thoughts on The Stranger

This is the second of hopefully 10 Turbo Book Reviews helping me resolve my Mid-Life Reading CrisisAs embarrassing as it is to make it known that I’ve gone months between reading the books that I’ve announced I intend to read, I’ll soldier on.

Meurseault takes his mother’s death in stride. He blinks in indifference as his girlfriend asks him whether he loves her. He barely reacts when he shoots and kills a man. He makes no effort to save himself from execution. He concludes with a shrug that there’s no soul to save when execution is imminent. There’s not much to like. Continue reading “‘I knew that I had shattered the harmony of the day’: Thoughts on The Stranger”