What are we supposed to do with all our kids’ artwork?

This morning Quinn got up barely past dawn and immediately asked for markers and white paper. He wordlessly sat down at the art table. Half an hour later he’d finished a book of ‘Dsins.’*img_6219

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‘Responds to son’

The last in my ‘Mom and me’ series, which ran in The Coastal Star in 2011. This is slightly tweaked from the original. Reading the first will orient you if you haven’t seen it….

The call came at 2:20 a.m. My mom was about to die.

I’d been preparing for this for the last two years. But I still felt as though I were falling through a trapdoor. Continue reading “‘Responds to son’”

When nurture counts way more than nature

Part 3 of ‘Mom and me,’ which ran in the The Coastal Star in 2010….

When I visited my mom at the nursing home the other day, I talked with the wife of another resident there.

In the dining room, with a crime drama on the TV in the background, she said something that I’ve heard a lot: ‘You look just like her.’

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