When nurture counts way more than nature

Part 3 of ‘Mom and me,’ which ran in the The Coastal Star in 2010….

When I visited my mom at the nursing home the other day, I talked with the wife of another resident there.

In the dining room, with a crime drama on the TV in the background, she said something that I’ve heard a lot: ‘You look just like her.’

‘People tell me that, and it’s interesting,’ I said. ‘I’m adopted.’ Continue reading “When nurture counts way more than nature”

The fleeting joys of Kiddianisms

‘Can I please have some apple juice?’

A simple question from Quinn, 5. A perfectly fine sentence. Pronunciation: great. Syntax: acceptable. Manners, even: check. Not perfect grammar (can/may), but still, it was a pretty good sentence.

And that’s the point. It was pretty good. As in, not awkward, adorable or funny. Sadly, Quinn is past Kiddian, the era of kidspeak starting shortly after meaningless babble ends and before halfway-crisp speech begins.

Sawyer, 2, is now in it. Continue reading “The fleeting joys of Kiddianisms”