Don’t be so blue, Dems!

Imagine it’s the wee hours of Nov. 9, 2016. And you just found out that Donald J. Trump has been elected president. You are weighing the quickness of a bullet to the brain against the tranquility of a plummet off a seaside cliff.

Then your phone pings with a series of news alerts. Continue reading “Don’t be so blue, Dems!”

Hillbilly Elegy, my sister, and the ‘Obama is a Muslim’ myth

It came out before Trump became president, but the New York Times best-seller Hillbilly Elegy has become a Bible of sorts for trying to understand the plight of poor, white people and their choice for president. I’m one of the perplexed liberals who looked to it for answers, too, even though I’m white and I grew up poor myself. Continue reading “Hillbilly Elegy, my sister, and the ‘Obama is a Muslim’ myth”

‘If nobody trusts anybody, authoritarianism is really easy’

This is a video of a totally gripping history lesson/wake-up call from Yale history professor Timothy Snyder to Yale undergrads, and to all of us. The era of the ‘politics of inevitability’ — that comforting idea that democracy will, of course, win out in the end — is now over. And it was flawed from the start. Continue reading “‘If nobody trusts anybody, authoritarianism is really easy’”